Saturday, May 10, 2008

Property Tax Estimator

Many residents have been asking what will be the impact of annexation on their property taxes. An estimate can be obtained by using The Real Property Tax Estimate
which is located on the Madison County Tax Assessors web site.

If you don't know the value of your property you can use the Land Roll Express Search
to find the value of your land and improvements.

Using the The Real Property Tax Estimate calculate the amount of tax selecting the appropriate filing status and selecting "None" as the City. Click calculate... this should be close to what the taxes are now. Then change the City to Madison and re-calculate. Remember to select the correct School District: Canton or Madison. This will give a close approximation of your taxes after annexation.

You can also use the The Real Property Tax Estimate to see the huge impact of Homestead Exemption. Not only does it decease your actual tax by $300 or more, but it reduces the assessed value from 15% of appraised value to 10%.

The City of Madison millage is 43.8% higher than the City of Ridgeland. Click here to see current Millage Rates .

Click here to see a 2009 Tax Millage Rate comparison of Madison County, Madison the City, and Ridgeland.

Hopefully, any increase in taxes should be offset with reductions in the cost of your property insurance due to lower fire rating code.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Smith is Selected to Attend The State Executive Development Institute

About The State Executive Development Institute

D.I. Smith attended the State Executive Development Institute (SEDI) conducted by the John C. Stennis Institute of Governement, Mississippi State University, May 4-9, 2008.

The State Executive Development Institute (SEDI) is an annual educational workshop offered by the John C. Stennis Institute of Government. The SEDI is designed to prepare mid- to upper-level state and local government executives to be more effective leaders. A broad range of topics are presented by government officials, researchers, and instructors in order to provide participants a well-rounded and applicable curriculum. The SEDI curriculum includes management theory, organizational development concepts and techniques, administrative and applied management techniques, and a variety of other related and timely topics.

Held on the campus of Mississippi State University, SEDI brings many of the unique resources found on the university campus to the program. Mississippi State Personnel Board Certified Public Manager Program and participants may also receive three graduate-level hours in Public Policy Administration at Mississippi State University upon completion of the program.

A maximum of 30 participants are chosen to attend SEDI each year, based on applicants’ professional experience and responsibilities. Priority is given to Mississippi’s senior state and local officials.