Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Landfill Permit DENIED

UPDATE: Madison County Supervisors vote in closed session, Monday, July 15, 2012, to appeal MS Environmental Quality Permit Board landfill decision
Today after nearly 4 hours of listening to presentations and discussion by the DEQ STAFF, the NCL Landfill developer's legal and engineering staff, and concerned citizens, the Mississippi Environmental Quality Permit Board voted to accept the recommendation of the DEQ Staff for a 500' setback distance, and denied the proposed permit application! So unless this decision is overturned in the courts, the proposed NCL Municipal Landfill is dead.

This process started 12 years ago when the developer approached the Madison County Board of Supervisor asking to rezone the property to allow a landfill!

It has already been to the Supreme Court once when the Madison County Solid Waste Management Plan was amended to add the proposed landfill. The Madison County Plan had been approved by the Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality with the recommendation that Permit Board consider and require a greater than 500' setback...

 The "need" for an additional landfill and environmental discrimination have not been fully analyzed and were not part of today's decision.

Thanks for all those who took an interest in the what is going on and had the opportunity to attend and participate in today's meeting! You made a difference!

ALSO, THANKS to the DEQ staff who did an outstanding job! They have worked hard over the years to ensure the public was informed and had the opportunity to provide input!

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