Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Madison County MS Re-Districting 2011

Judge rules in favor of county, elections to be held on new lines

Everyone needs to read the Attorney Generals comments about the Madison County lawsuit and rushing through the redistricting... See the AG's comments: AND I think AG HOOD is correct about this matter... why put the entire system in gridlock for no reason!

Existing county maps OK'd for elections
No time to redistrict before voting, judge says

Judge: Madison County didn't have time to redistrict 

***Madison County Journal 3/23/2011*** Supervisors adopt 'Plan 3' map for redistricting

Madison County is in the process of ReDistricting Supervisor and Justice Court Districts.

Jackson Jambalaya 3/22/2011 Madison County Supes: The Fix is in. (Video)

WLBT TV 3/21/2011 Madison supes hold off on redistricting decision

Clarion Ledger 3/21/2011 Madison supervisors reject call for redistricting delay  (Be sure to click comments)

A PUBLIC HEARING will be held Monday, March 21, 2011, to provide information and obtain public input on the options.  Click here for the Redistricting Guidelines.

PUBLIC HEARING VIDEOS: (Monday, March 21, 2011)

Redistricting only occurs every 10 years; so, we will have to live the consequences for a long time.  It is important to participate to insure taxpayer concerns are heard and heeded!  PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND!

Click for Maps and analytical information.
SD is Supervisor District; click 30x40 to see map with selected streets.

Clarion Ledger article 3/16/11 Madison County Supes eye redistricting

Madison County Journal 3/17/11 Smith could face Redd in remap

Madison County Herald 3/17/11 Supes to pick 1 of 3 maps at meeting

Madison County Herald 3/3/11  Redistricting sets rules of the game

Monday, March 14, 2011


New Homeowners
Over 65 Homeowners (First Time)
People who Filed Deeds in 2010
Marital Status Change
Social Security Disability (First Time)

Applications are now being taken until April 1, 2011

Homestead Worksheet (pdf)
Homestead Requirements (pdf)
eNews UPDATE: Property Taxes and Homestead Exemption

Don't know if you have filed for HOMESTEAD?  Click here to check the TAX ROLLS