Saturday, August 21, 2010

Madison County Tax Sale 2010

Kay Pace, the Madison County Tax Collector, will be conducting the 2010 Tax Sale, 9 A.M., Monday, August 30, at the Madison County Office Building, Canton. See map and directions at

So, Friday, 5 P.M., Aug 27 is the last opportunity to pay 2009 property taxes and avoid additional fees, penalties and interest payments.

As of 5 P.M., Friday, Aug 20, 2010, there are 2,900 parcels with unpaid taxes and special assessments equaling approximately $4.4 million.  A comma separated variable (CSV) file can be downloaded at the Tax Collectors web site

I've converted the csv parcel listing to an Excel spreadsheet (xls) file format which can be download by clicking here. This file can be searched by owner name, subdivision name, etc.

2010 TAX SALE RESULTS; Thursday, Sep 2, 2010

Remember that tax notices are sent to the owner as of Jan 1, 2009; so, it someone bought a property in 2009 the tax bills may have been mailed and forwarded to the previous owner.

Click here for the Madison County Tax Collector
(601) 859-5226

How to locate parcels

Want to find the land record info and location for sale parcels? Click here for the Tax Assessor's web site to search by name, subdivision, address or parcel number.

Register for Tax Sale
The Tax Sale is conducted as a regular auction with "over-bidding." So, many parcels sell for more than the applicable taxes, etc.  Depending on the number of parcels, the sale can last for more than 2 days.

If you would like to participate click here to download the Tax Sale Registration Form and information 
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