Friday, July 23, 2010

Madison County Considering forming Regional Solid Waste Managment Authority

The Madison County Board of Supervisors continue the process of setting up a Regional Solid Waste Management Authority by voting 4-1 during Wednesday's meeting to hire a consultant to prepare related documents. The estimated cost for this is $30,000 which is not currently budgeted.

This new bureaucratic organization is supposed to provide "efficiencies."

On Oct 1, 2009, Madison County took over garbage collection requiring the purchase of 6 new garbage trucks at nearly a $1 million. Previously, a contractor, Red River, had the contract and picked up the garbage with 12 employees. The County needs 23 to do the job and the County doesn't have all the areas that are now annexed by the City of Madison and Ridgeland. Red River did all that area plus what the County is now responsible for!!!

In Sept 2008, Supervisor Tim Johnson defended/argued for the tax increase saying we were wasting $1 million a year on the privatized garbage collection.

Well, in Sept 2009, when the 2010 budget was prepared, instead of saving a $1M as promised, $500,000 (1/2 mil) had to be added to Solid Waste. This money was taken from the Road and Bridge account, which reduced funds going to County roads and the municipalities, and created 1/2mil tax reduction for property owners in the municipalities!  A loss of precious revenues that were greatly needed.

So, the point is that we had great "efficiencies" when the garbage collection was privatized. Now, there is a proposal to form up a Regional Solid Waste Management Authority who will be responsible to no one -- and they are supposed to provide "efficiencies".... Give us a break!

Wonder why one of these is needed in Madison County since we have no shortage of landfills? There are other "authorities" in the State... but, each was established where there was a need for such an organization due to shortage of landfills.

So, what would be the motivation to have an "authority" in Madison County?  What are the benefits? What existing problems would be corrected with such an organization. 

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