Saturday, February 14, 2009

Madison County Flood Zone Map Revisions Underway

Press Release
Contact: D.I. Smith
Phone: (601) 707-8845
5 P.M. CDT, February 18, 2009


RIDGELAND, MS, FEBRUARY 18, 2009: The Madison County Flood Risk Maps have been revised and the drafts are in the appeal stage. A "Flood Map Open House" Public Meeting was held November 6, 2008, Board Room, County Administrative Office Complex, Canton, so all residents could learn about the process and review the draft digital flood maps and aerial photos of their property to determine how it would be rated based on the newly revised draft flood maps.

If your home is now mapped as being within a high risk flood zone (A or AE zone),, and it was not previously, you should purchase flood insurance prior to the map becoming effective. This will enable you to lock in a better premium rate. If you wait until the map is effective, your rate will be much higher. Questions concerning the maps should be directed to the County or City Floodplain Administrator, who is charged with collecting any protest or appeal actions.

The official 90-day appeal phase started January 22, 2009, and is on-going until April 22, 2009. Based on their situation, property owners can appeal by providing elevation certificates, and other info detailing why their rating should be changed, or why they shouldn't be considered to live in a flood zone! Additional detailed info is located on-line at

Homeowners can also now purchase Flood Insurance at a reduced premium and be “grandfathered.” A great resource for homeowners is

County Supervisors have maps of subdivisions in their districts that potentially will be affected by the revised flood maps. The Madison County Flood Plain contact for unincorporated areas is Brad Sellers, 601.855.5501. Also, each municipality has a flood plain contact person.

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