Monday, March 29, 2010

Another New Solid Waste Landfill in Madison County?

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The NCL Landfill is located on a 165-acre tract of land located in Madison County, Mississippi. NCL currently owns the proposed land and would be operating the landfill. The NCL Landfill would be used for the disposal of non-hazardous household, commercial, and industrial solid wastes generated from the Jackson metropolitan area and surrounding communities. The proposed capacity of the NCL Landfill would be 14,200,000 cubic yards.

Interested parties may provide comments, opinion/statement of opposition.

Among other things, this new landfill will result in huge increases of large truck traffic on Madison County Roads including Hwy 463, Coker, Lake Cavalier, North Livingston, Greens Crossing, Rouser Road, Old Agency, etc.

There are 18 active solid waste landfills in the State of Mississippi. No county has more than 1 except Madison County, which has two: Little Dixie off North County Line Road, and the sanitary landfill just south of Canton. If this permit is approved, then Madison County will have 3 solid waste landfills out of only 19 in the entire State of Mississippi!

Please help me spread the word and make sure all are aware of the attached PUBLIC NOTICE!!!
Click here to provide your opinion, questions, comments and concerns regarding the landfill permit application to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Click here to see Madison County Tax Map of area. The proposed site is at the very top of the map.
Click here to see a Google Map of the area.
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Web Master said...

List of Counties with Active Solid Waste Landfill sites:

Anonymous said...

What is the minimum guaranteed tax payment to the county expected from the operation of the land fill?

What is the owner-claimed minimum tax payment to the county expected?

Will adequate tax revenues be earmarked for access road repair for major roads that lead to the landfill?

What buffers are going to be required? ie, 100 foot perimeter landscaped buffer that must be maintained by the land fill operator until termination of operations plus one year?

Will a buffer in perpetuity be required?

What zoning will be required?

What buffer zoning will be required?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure in one of the BOS meeting that D.I said the areas where he took pictures were "pristine". Now obviously this is not the case judging from your pictures Mr. Smith. My family has owned land in that area for almost 50 years, and it has been nothing but a dumping ground for that entire time. Why not put all your solid waste disposal sites in one part of the county?