Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Madison County 2009 Property Tax Roll Review and Inspection

I know some of you are like me and don't pay much attention to the public notices in the classified section of local newspapers, but you might want to read this one or you may be surprised when you receive your annual tax statement later this year!

Below is the PUBLIC NOTICE which will run in the Madison County Herald announcing that the Madison County real and personal property assessment rolls are ready for inspection and examination; also, the instructions to follow if you have objections.

You can either go to the Chancery/Administrative Building in Canton to inspect the rolls, or you can look up the info, including the true market value on your property, at http://www.madison-co.com/elected_offices/tax_assessor/real_property_search.php

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Jo said...

I think the big increase in taxes is horrible. We already don't get much for the current taxes we pay. It took forever for us to get Yandell Rd. redone. The County cleaned out one of our ditches a couple of years ago, or even longer, and left the cuttings. We were told the equipment was broken or some other excuse. Well, the debris is still there. I believe it's a permanent fixture.

I do appreciate all you do for us and keeping us informed of what is going on. You do a good job but I realize you don't have much support from the other members.

Thanks for the info.