Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madison County 2011 Tax Sale and SPECIAL Parkway East Supplemental Tax Sale

Picture from this morning's Tax Sale

 Click here for additional information about delinquent taxes

The 2011 Tax Sale and special Supplemental Tax Sale will be held 9 A.M., Monday, August 29, at the Madison County Office Building, Canton.  Click here to see additional information on the Madison County Tax Collector's web site.

So, Friday, 5 P.M., Aug 26 is the last opportunity to pay 2010 property taxes and avoid additional fees, penalities and interest payments.

As of 5 P.M., Tuesday, Aug 23, 2011, there are over 3,000 parcels with unpaid taxes and special assessments equaling approximately $4.0 million.  A comma separated variable (CSV) file can be downloaded at the Tax Collectors web site

This year's tax sale will be preceded by a special "supplemental tax sale" of Parkway East PID parcels. See The Madison County Journal article New legislation allows county to put delinquent property on tax sale

Here are links to on-line spreadsheets of the tax sale listing and the special tax sale list. for web version Google spreadsheet version

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