Thursday, December 29, 2011

Elect D.I.

ELECT D.I. ALDERMAN-AT-LARGE - Ridgeland; Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012

Ridgeland -- D.I. Smith has officially announced his campaign for election as City of Ridgeland Alderman at Large.

D.I. pledges to maintain his commitment to low taxes, open government and job creation. “We have a great city because our neighborhoods are strong, our business climate is favorable and our taxes are affordable.” “As your next Alderman at large, I want to build on these strengths while making Ridgeland greater through the South East Ridgeland Redevelopment and protecting our property values through strong code enforcement and being proactive in fighting crime."

D.I. earned the reputation as a watchdog for taxpayers over the last four years when he helped raise awareness about property taxes in Madison County and provided online resources for taxpayers and to stay informed about issues in the community.

Smith was a champion of homeowner issues as a member of the Madison County Board of Supervisors. He led the fight to renew curbside recycling for the County and helped subdivisions get speedbumps, signage and additional traffic calming measures, and DI took the lead on informing property owners about the new FEMA flood maps, allowing effected subdivisions and property owners to take timely action to avoid massive increases in their property insurance costs.

DI Smith is a member of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce, the City of Madison Chamber, the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Military Officers Association of America, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, Army Aviation Association of America, the Army War College Alumni Association, and the Madison-Ridgeland American Legion Post. He has also done extensive research, writing and speaking about programs affecting the military.

D. I. and his wife, Linda, are members of Highland Colony Baptist Church, Ridgeland, MS; where DI also serves as a Deacon.

You can find D.I. on Facebook at and on Twitter at

You can click here to get involved in supporting D.I.'s campaign  


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