Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Madison County Herald - The Next Supervisor

Article published in the Madison County Herald, Tuesday, March 27, 2007, written by Lucy Weber; photo by Will Smith.


D.I. Smith recalls the lessons he learned growing up in the Delta town of Sidon and watching his father, a Leflore County supervisor for eight years.
Probably one of the earliest lessons in ethics Smith said he ever received came on his family's farm when there was a bulldozer just sitting there. A local dealer had brought it out for his father to try.
"I asked my father 'Why aren't you using it?' He said, 'It's not right for me to be getting the benefit of it,'" Smith recalls his father saying. "'They brought it so I'd be indebted.'"
Now, decades later, Smith wants to follow the tradition of his father and his grandfather, also a Leflore supervisor. "I hope I can measure up to their standards," he said.

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