Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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DIS said...

Madison County Journal 04/11/07 regarding web based petition.

Extract of email to reporter:

Please add to any article you may be considering regarding the electronic petition:

This unknown web site is similar to a "drive by shooting!"…i.e., done under secrecy. I don't give any creditability to an anonymous data collection effort that may or may not be related to the District 3, Supervisor campaign. This could be an attempt to obtain information that could be used for identify theft, junk mail lists, planting of files on users computers to log key strokes for the purpose of stealing userids and passwords for financial accounts, or plant other computer viruses and adware worms, etc. I don't recommend that anyone provide private information to unknown persons or groups.

I'm proud to be a candidate for Supervisor, District 3; and I look forward to meeting all voters of District 3 in the coming months and obtaining their input on issues, challenges and priorities facing residents of the District and all of Madison County; and if elected, I will work hard serving the residents of District 3.

For more information, residents of District 3 are encouraged to visit my web site at www.dismith.com

Warm regards,


Anonymous said...

This anonymous web effort could also be characterized as "web bullying!"

Bill Murphy said...

Dear D.I. Supporters and Mr. Smith. I am not a gutless coward. My name is Bill Murphy and I live in Madison. You can reach me a nams@netdoor.com

Your candidate is the gutless one, perhaps. He had to work back-room deals with Mr. Taggart to become a supervisor. Is he afraid of a fair election.

What really surprises me, Mr. Smith, is that you served in the military and apparently never really knew what you were defending. Weren't you defending our right to dissent and to have freedom of speech? Why lower yourself to name calling? Just face those of us who disagree with what you have done and engage in a debate.

You are not a candidate for supervisor. You have been "appointed," or as I'm sure you see it, "anointed." You saw fit to that by consorting with Mr. Taggart.

We have not done the web site under secrecy. My name has been associated with it from the beginning and soon enough you will know who everyone else is.

Let's debate please, not name call. I too, am retired military. I would expect more from you.

The web site is not designed to be a scientific survey. We maintain no records of IP addresses or anything like that.

How will you discredit the thousand signatures the written petition garners?

I know you think that this is going to go away. It will not. There will be bill boards, ads, and articles still to come. If you don't see fit to let the residents of your district vote now, they certainly will get to vote in 4 more years.

I encourage you to withdraw and make your case to the Republican committee. If they chose you to represent your district, so be it. You will at least be a legit candidate and not one forced on your district.

One final thing. Shame on you for suggesting that this perfectly legal web survey is somehow looking to harm the residents of the county. You sound like a democrat with that kind of fear tactic.

Bill Murphy

p.s. This probably won't get by your blog author, but I hope it will.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong and focused on the mark set before you . . . remember that God is in control. Don’t lose heart . . . He wins in the end and you are on His team.

Anonymous said...

Hey D. I.-
I realize that you are unopposed, but want to express my warmest wishes for a great campaign. I read your interview in the Herald. Spectacular! Don't let the negative comments about Taggart get you down…there's no reason to. Trust me... and I pray for your strength and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

You are the man!

Anonymous said...

D.I., great web site. I read much of the info and articles. I know you are busy and probably going to be a lot busier in the near future. Hang in there and good luck with everything. If I could vote, I would vote for you. You are going to be a great supervisor!

Anonymous said...

DI –
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to serve as a supervisor. We need a lot more good men like you and Doug to serve in leadership roles in this county. The quotes from Tim Johnson in last Thursday’s Madison County Journal about Andy Taggert were very inappropriate and greatly angered/disturbed me. You will have my prayers and best wishes as you begin to serve and if there is anything I can ever do, please let me know.